We have tried our best to translate as much of our website as humanly possible. However, the website builder itself is Dutch. Certain elements will remain Dutch. That is how this dictionary came to light. To help you cope with that.


Included is:

  • Regular dictionary: here you will find most of the individual words or (short) sentences related to website functionality (think of the shopping cart or buttons within the website). First letter of a sentence is leading.
  • English product descriptions: we were not able to create dual-connected product descriptions in Dutch AND English. Hence per product name there is a link to the English product description, albeit only in simplified form. They can be found below the regular dictionary.
  • Time format comparison schedule
  • Translation of the month names


Reach out to us through our contact form if we have forgotten something. We appreciate your vigilance!

Regular dictionary

Dutch English
Aanbevolen Recommended
Aantal Amount
Account nodig? Register an account?
Account aanmaken Register an account
Adres Address
Afgehaald Picked-up
Afleveradres Delivery address
Algemene voorwaarden Terms and conditions
Artikelen Products
Artikelnummer Product number
Dutch English
Bedankt voor je bestelling Thanks for your order
Bedankt voor het plaatsen van een reactie! Thanks for posting!
Bedoelde je "()"? Did you perhaps mean "()"?
Bedraad Wired
Bedrijfsnaam Company name
Bekijk details Check details
Bekijk de status van je bestelling Check order status
Bekijk verlanglijst Check wishlist
Bereken verzendkosten Calculate shipping costs
Bericht Message
Bestand kiezen Select file
Beste klant Dear customer
Bestelbevestiging Order confirmation
Bestellen To order
Bestelling #(NUMBER) Order #(NUMBER)
Betaald Paid
Betaald via (PAYMENT OPTION) Payment through (PAYMENT OPTION)
Betaalmethode Payment method
Bevestig wachtwoord Confirm password
Bevestiging Confirmation
Blauw Blue
BTW-nummer VAT-number

"Body Unique: Guido's cousin. You best not stare at her, Guido will haunt you and Frankie-Boy will be under your bed." You're crazy, Frank.

Dutch English

"Could this BE any more empty!?" You stole that, Frank.

Dutch English
Dat zeg ik liever niet I'd rather not disclose
Datum Date
Delen Share
Doorgaan zonder account Continue without an account
Doorzichtig See-through / Clear
Draadloos Wireless
Den ouden geschreven review. Ye olde written review
Dit is een kopie van een formulier dat u via www.gamespin.nl/contact-en heeft ingediend. This is a copy of the contact form that you have submitted through www.gamespin.nl/contact-en.
Dutch English
E-mailadres E-mail address
Er is geen bestand bijgevoegd No attachment added
Er zijn geen reacties geplaatst No comments posted yet
Er is een e-mail verzonden met daarin een link waarmee een nieuw wachtwoord ingesteld kan worden. An e-mail has been sent containing a link to reset your password.
Er zitten geen artikelen (meer) in de winkelwagen. There are no more products in your shopping cart.
Dutch English
Factuur Invoice
Factuuradres: Billing address

"Frankie-Boy: FOREVER!" Easy, Frank.

Dutch English
Geannuleerd Cancelled
Geen bestand gekozen No file selected
Gegevens Details
Gepubliceerd op (DATE) at (TIME) Published on (DATE) at (TIME)
Geretourneerd Returned
Geslacht (optioneel) Gender (optional)
Grijs Gray
Groen Green

"GameSpin, pure awesomeness, simply the best!" We know, Frank!

Dutch English

"How about a magic trick? I'm gonna make this pencil dissapear!" Frank, you are poluting our dictionary.

Dutch English
In afwachting Pending
In winkelwagen Add to shopping cart
Inclusief Including
Inclusief 21% btw over Including 21% VAT on amount
Ingelogd als Logged in as
Inloggen Log in
Ik ga akkoord met de algemene voorwaarden. I agree to the Terms and Conditions.
Dutch English
Je hebt al gestemd You have already voted
NL: Je account is aangemaakt. Je ontvangt binnenkort een e-mail waarin wordt uitgelegd hoe je je account kunt activeren. EN: Your account is registered. You will soon receive an e-mail with instructions to activating your account.
NL: Je e-mailadres is succesvol geverifieerd. Je kunt nu inloggen op jouw account. EN: Your account has been succesfully activated. You can now login to your account.
NL: Je kunt nu inloggen met je nieuwe wachtwoord. EN: You can now log in using your new password.
Dutch English
Kies je bank Select your bank
Kleur Color
Kortingscode Coupon
KvK nummer Chaimber of Commerce number
Dutch English
Land Country
Lees meer Read more
Levertijd Delivery time
LET OP: Bovenstaande pull-downs kun je negeren voor een eventuele bestelling. Zijn voor de filter van de hoofdpagina. NOTE: Above pull-downs can be ignored when placing an order. They merely serve the filter of the main page.
Dutch English
Man Male
Mijn bestellingen My orders
Mijn gegevens My details
Maak het bedrag van € (AMOUNT) over naar bankrekening NL62KNAB0612709086 o.v.v. "Bestelling (INVOICE NR)". Please wire the order amount of € (AMOUNT) to bank account number NL62KNAB0612709086 stating "Bestelling (INVOICE NR)".
Dutch English
Naam Name
Naar winkelwagen Go to shopping cart
Nieuwste producten Most recent
NL: op werkdagen <15:00 uur besteld morgen in huis Delivery on following day when ordering prior to 3PM (15:00) from within The Netherlands
Dutch English
Oeps, er is iets fout gegaan. Whoops, something went wrong.
Opbergsysteem Storage
Opmerkingen Remarks
Oranje Orange
Ordernummer Order number
Over ons About us
Overig Other / Miscellaneous
Overige zoekresultaten Other search results
Dutch English
Paars Purple
Particulier Private
Postcode & stad Zip code and place
Prijs Price
Prijs (aflopend) Price (descending)
Prijs (oplopend) Price (ascending)
Producten Products
Dutch English

"Quite empty here, hahahaha!" Frank, stop polluting our dictionary.

Dutch English
Reactie plaatsen Post comment
Reacties Comments
Rekeningnummer Bank account number
() resultaten () results
Rood Red
Dutch English
Sorry, we kunnen deze bestelling niet naar het opgegeven land verzenden. Sorry, but we cannot deliver this order to the specified country.
Sorteer Sort
() stem () rating
() stemmen () ratings
Stuur mij een kopie Send a copy
Selecteer deze optie om een afhaalpunt te selecteren Select this option to select a parcel collection point
Dutch English
Telefoonnummer Telephone number
Terug naar de website Back to the website
Thuis Residence
Toegevoegd aan verlanglijst Added to wishlist
Toepasbaar Apply
Totaalbedrag Total amount
Type bestelling Order type (business or private)
Dutch English
Uitloggen Log out
Uitverkocht Out of stock / Sold out
Dutch English
Verder naar bestellen Continue to ordering
Verder winkelen Continue shopping
Verlanglijstje Wishlist
Verstuur reactie Post comment
Verzendadres Shipping Address
Verzenden Send (message)
Verzendbevestiging Confirmation of shipment
Verzendmethode Shipping method
Verzonden Dispatched
Volgende Next
Vooraf overmaken Manually pre-transfer
Vrouw Female
Verwijder van verlanglijst Remove from wishlist
Veelbekeken online reviews op Youtube over dit product: Popular online review on Youtube about this product:
Vink dit vakje aan om een afwijkend afleveradres in te voeren Tick this box to enter a different delivery address
Dutch English
Wachtwoord Password
Wachtwoord vergeten? Forgot password?
Wij leveren niet aan dit land. Selecteer een ander land of kies een alternatief afleveradres. We do not deliver to this country. Please select another country or select a different shipping address.
Wijzigin winkelwagen Adjust shopping cart
Winkelwagen Shopping cart
Wit White
Dutch English

"X-ray. Infrared. Ultra violet. Gamma. Microwave. I'm a scientist!" No, Frank, you're not.

Dutch English

"Y u no have words here?" Frank, please stop.

Dutch English
Zakelijk Business
Zoeken Search
Zoekresultaten voor '()' Search results for '()'
Zwart Black
Dutch English

Time format:

The dutch (as do most Europeans) use the 24-hour time format, contrary to the Irish and the Americans. Hence below is a time format translation image:


Dutch English
Januari January
Februari February
Maart March
Mei May
Juni June
Juli July
Augustus August
Oktober October

English product descriptions


The BattlerGC, as does his twin brother, the BladeGC, takes the genius of the original GC controller and delivers on an improvement and a modernization level. There are two designs (yes, Retro Fighters has listened):

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The BladeGC, as does his twin brother, the BattlerGC, takes the genius of the original GC controller and delivers on an improvement and a modernization level. There are two designs (yes, Retro Fighters has listened):

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Blockbuster VHS Switch Game Case

Remember? In the 80's and 90's. Friday afternoon. School's out. Pocket money unspent. Onwards to BLOCKBUSTER! with your buddy. To rent a video. And watch the actual crapperoni out of the same movie...6 times. BUT!! Please remember to rewind! Plus...return before 7pm on Sunday! Or you would be fined AND reprimanded! Aw...sheesh...are we that old!?

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Brawler64 NSO Edition

The Brawler64 NSO (Nintendo Switch Online) Edition delivers a economic alternative to the original-terribly-available-N64-NSO-controller for the Switch. That was a real cock-up of Nintendo. Basically a production shut down, because people feared dissapointed sales numbers. Shows what they know, because there is actually a serious market demand!

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Brawler64 V2

The newest version of the wired Retro Fighters Brawler 64. Durable analog stick. Ergonomic and modern design, sits well in your hand(s). Patented wireless tech. Essential for the real collector.

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Brawler64 Wireless Edition

The wireless version of the Retro Fighters Brawler64. The is the end-game controller for the Nintendo 64. The pinnacle. There simply is no better. Durable analog stick. Ergonomic and modern design, sits well in your hand(s). Patented wireless tech. Essential for the real collector.

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BrawlerGen 2-in-1

The BrawlerGen 2-in-1 delivers a lot, if you look at its price tag. It supports 2 important SEGA platforms: The Megadrive(/Genesis) and the Saturn. SEGA fans have always been a bit "different". Proud of the cross and rebellious behaviour of SEGA. "SEGA does what Nintendo'nt". The BrawlerGen plays into that consumer loyalty. It is in essence perfection, perfected. The original Megadrive/Genesis controller was already slightly more ergonomic than the SNES controller, honoustly. But Retro Fighters simply went to the nextest-of-levels and added modern gaming ergonomics to the mix.

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BrawlerGen USB

The BrawlerGen USB is a can-do-many controller. And with an amazingly lucrative price tag. Originally brought out with the SEGA Megadrive-/Genesis-mini in the mind, the BrawlerGen USB adds modern ergonomics and 6-button layout to the mix. MORE buttons, MORE fun. Just by looking at the controller, you really sense the SEGA-feels oozing from it. And that D-pad... It really brings you back. Just as the mini was supposed to do. A retro feeling.

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For the Playstation 1 en Playstation 2 there simply is no better controller than the Defender, hands-down! Say bye bye to those wires (and extension cords), because the Defender comes correct and wireless. Enjoy gaming from afar on that lazy couch. Up to 30 feet (10 meters). on the Playstation 3 the Defender offers fantastic performance, though is lacking in Six-axis support. (fear not: Defender's big Bluetooth brother provides in this regard) Plus Defender is such a mother-franky versatile controller. It supports so unearthly much consoles!

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Defender Bluetooth Edition

Defender Bluetooth Edition is de big brother of the original Defender. Finally Six-axis support on the PS3 and NO MORE dongle! YAAYY!! Another advantage is that this controllers' shape, as does his little brother, feels great. The original Sony controller is a somewhat small controller in-hand, a many heard complaint of (by now grown up) Playstation fans. Defender Bluetooth has that characteristic modern and ergonomic design. And again such versatility.

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Play comfortably and ergonomically. Check. Super Smash Bros. Check. Switch. Check. All right...drop it... The Duelist is especially made for Super Smash Bros. For good reason: This franchise has had a mega-following since...gosh we're getting old! But Duelist can also be used to play normal games on the Switch.

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What a wonderful joy!! An XBOX controller that combines the modern with the classical. Like some fancy art project! Retro Fighters Hunter does it all! The old skool colors, the overall looks, but through a modern shape. This also applies to the its comfort, because the Hunter has very comfortable feel. Plus of course: wireless. FINALLY! And OMG Hall Effect sticks and triggers...sheesh...gettin' a little emotional here!

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The JAB is the FIRST Retro Fighter controller. Originally a prototype was conceived through an unsuccesful Kickstarter - due to limited reach within the retro gaming community - the JAB saw its first light after more development.

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Pro NES Adapter

Connect your original (or third party) NES controller or accessories to your Wii, Wii U or the NES Classic Edition? You can do this using the Pro Nes Adapter of Retro Fighters.

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Retro85 Mini NES Cartridge Switch Game Cases

Looking for that certain nostalgia. Look no further. The Retro85 Mini NES Cartridge Switch Game Cases are designed like a NES® Cartridge, so that you can store your Switch games in a nostalgic way. They're also easy for transporting multiple cartridges. Much more convenient than all of those game boxes in your backpack or bag. Plus it provides that old NES-feeling, when you see that cartridge holder for storing your Switch games.

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The StrikerDC just screams nostalgia. Remember those lines at stores to be able to purchasing the Dreamcast on release date? And those controllers...so freaky...and all of those accessories. Obviously there was a logic behind all of this and nowadays Nintendo still makes thankful use of these ideas in the form of the Switch (and its predecessors Wii/Wii U). A display WITHIN your controller. Accessories specifically for certain games (eg. Bass Fishing) and of course (rudimentary) motion sense.

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StrikerDC Wireless

THEY DID IT! The StrikerDC is available now wirelessly for the SEGA Dreamcast! No longer you will be hindered by wiring! Utilizing the optimized 2.4GHz technology on your SEGA Dreamcast.

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