The BattlerGC, as does his twin brother, the BladeGC, takes the genius of the original GC controller and delivers on an improvement and a modernization level. There are two designs (yes, Retro Fighters has listened):

  • BattlerGC (button layout as per GameCube controller)
  • BladeGC (D-pad and Left-analog flipped)


In both cases the D-pad a lot more body now (remember that tiny D-pad...just who thought of that?). Plus, due to modern ergonomics, the controller has a much better feel when in-hand. And a totally awesome plus: Wireless functionality! And obviously minus that Wavebird addition in the middle, which was kinda in the way. "be real: that was a nuisance...yes it" Frank, let the reader decide.


  • Best GameCube controllers
  • Ergonomic and modern design
  • Top quality
  • Wireless, so no wire-hassle
  • Vibration feedback
  • Turbo functionality
  • Long battery life (10 hours)
  • Fantastically beautiful colours.
  • Matching color dongles
  • Works on GameCube/GameBoy Player/Wii/Wii U/Switch/PC



Retro Fighters has again done the franchise proud by offering us the BattlerGC in the original colors (Indigo) Purple, Black and Orange. "Jedi powers: You'll want them all."


Dongles in matching colors

You receive NOT one, BUT two dongles, in matching colors. Dongle one has the recognizable GC port. Dongle two has a USB-port (for Switch and PC).



Both BattlerGC and BladeGC are compatible with the GC dongle on:

  • GameCube
  • Wii, IF Wii 1st generation model (pre-2011, with those GameCube ports under the top lid)
  • Wii U, buuuuuttttttt:
    • IF a game has GameCube button mapping (like Smash Bros) AND;
    • IF you have gamecube controller adapter available (plug the dongle into adapter)

The USB-dongle is used to connect to the Switch and PC. Button mapping is possible. "and if you are really brainy: the GC dongle + GC adapter can also be used to connect to the Switch, but seriously don't tell nobody about nothing sssshhhh..." Frank, advice like that is never sshhh. Behave.


The Wii 2nd generation (post-2011) and Wii Mini do NOT support GameCube games or controllers, so no support for BattlerGC or BladeGC on those. "Who even owns these models...seriously?" Plenty, Frank.


Two (nearly) identical GC controllers

Both BattlerGC and BladeGC can be used for the complete GameCube library, or newer-generational games which support GC controllers functionality. NOTE: The BattlerGC and BladeGC are nearly identical, apart from the placement of the left analog stick (and D-pad). The BattlerGC stays true to the original design of the controller, whereas the BladeGC is specifically designed for the GameBoy Player. However, we believe that Playstation fans will really dig the BladeGC controllers as well, given its button layout.


Frankie Boy's advice: "I amd not telling you anything new, but the BattlerGC is ideal for Super Smash Bros. Now that you (I guess) are older: Grab a couple of beers, a hefty bag of chips, some waffles/cookies, invite your buddies and mess each other up into the next 5 dimensions or multiverses whilst owning in Super Smash Bros Melee. Play it on the GameCube. Trust me: Ain't nothing better than a whining friend and a crying Pikachu, getting Falcon Punched into oblivion, after a long and hard day of working your fanny off." Frank, attitude check.