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As you might have read in the top banner: We are a Retro Fighters® Official International Retailer. This means that we can serve you to your heart's content with the amazing gear they have put on the market.

Retro Fighters gear.


Didn't find what you were looking for? Fear not! Let us know through our contact form which products you are interested in. Tick option "Out of stock" for interest in Retro Fighters products. Wanna tip us about other niche-market products within the gaming world, then send us a message through our contact form, tick option "Tips/Feedback" That will help us with our ongoing market research, which in turn aids you as a gamer. 

Stock update 02-2024

IN STOCK FIIIIIINALLYYYY!! Retro Fighters Hunter!! We had to wait a little bit, but now the long wait is over! Time to dust off that old XBOX and boot up a little Halo! "Hunt" those little grunts DOWN!

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Stock update 12-2023

STRIKERDC WIRELESS INCOMING!!! A fantastically awesome restocking! Before 'Sinterklaas' even! (What's that? Well look it up on Google, you...)

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Stock update 08-2023

We will be doing a SERIOUS (re)stocking in the course of next week. Basically this means we will have all, currently available, Retro Fighters gear in stock. What will be (re)stocked:

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Stock update: During/After Heroes Comic Con

In the GameSpin welcoming blog we had written about limited stocking for Retro Fighters® gear. Due to the expected interest in their products, most of the Retro Fighters products are available for sale now. This does mean that certain products (per suppliers order) have a longer delivery time, on top of the regular delivery time. In general this means an additional two weeks of delivery time. We have earmarked each applicable product. When it states "Levertijd: 2 weken" then it means that it is a suppliers order.

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Parléz vous a little Frank?

We have updated our website to providing you with the necessary English translations. All of our website pages and product pages now contain a link that takes you to the English version.

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See you there? @HeroesDutchComicCon

On the 24th of June 2023 it is there again! Fellow gamers, movie franchise fans, fantasy lovers: The Summer Edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. BE THERE! We are absolutely sure it will be a ginormous party again!

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GameSpin is sworn to the Retro Fighters® International Partner Code:

We will be a Defender of our joint cause

We will be a Battler utilizing our Blade

And JAB like a Duelist

We will be a Striker from the air

A Hunter from afar

And a Brawler in close quarters

We will honor the code

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