Parléz vous a little Frank?

Gepubliceerd op 4 juli 2023 om 12:28

We have updated our website to providing you with the necessary English translations. All of our website pages and product pages now contain a link that takes you to the English version.



All (but one) pages have been completely translated for you. Terms and conditions page will be done later. For now, we believe our FAQ captures the most relevant things for now. Our own English skills are simply not THAT good, not even Frankie Boy's. "Speak for your self man. I ain't got no problem with the English language". We rest our case. "You guys keep setting me up with these things... I demand a raise!" Easy, Frank.



All of the product pages provide a link to the respective English product page. Note that this page provides the translation only. It contains one stock photo, plus the general textual info about a product. All respective Youtube review video's or written reviews can be found within the original product page. To be able to purchasing a product (or watch them cool video's), you are provided with a return-link to each of the respective original product pages containing the "Shopping cart" button for completing a purchase.



Because our website builder is Dutch, we ALSO took the time to providing you with a Dictionary. It contains translation for Dutch words/sentences within the GameSpin website. Think of buttons, or a website message after certain actions.


Beer-time now. We have earned a little R&R after all of the hard work!