Stock update 01-2024

Gepubliceerd op 4 januari 2024 om 21:23

AVAILABLE NOW! Retro Fighters Brawler64 NSO Edition Special Edition Gold!!

And of course another fine restocking. Right from the get-go in this New Year! For NOW is the time to procure yourself some GRAND gaming hardware for your collection, like a bowser!! Controllers, controllers and more controllers! Say it a million times. Then say it a million times again. The word that you have said 2 million times is!? CONTROLLERS!! (and accessories of course)


What will be restocked:


NEW ! ! ! 

- Blockbuster VHS Switch Game Case

- Brawler64 NSO Edition Special Edition Gold


- BladeGC (Black)

- Brawler64 Wired V2 (Blue)

- Brawler64 Wired V2 (Black)

- Brawler64 Wireless Edition (Blue)

- Brawler64 Wireless Edition (Extreme Green)

- Brawler64 NSO Edition (Gray)

- BrawlerGen USB (Black)  

- Defender (Black)

- Defender (Blue)

- Defender (Gray)

- Retro85 NES Mini Switch Cartridge Cases

- StrikerDC Wireless (Black)

- StrikerDC Wireless (White)

- Warrior Wireless Adaptor (Blue)


Frankie-Boy approves! As always: keep telling us what you want to see restocked.

Also, you can check our Retro Fighters page to see which Retro Fighters products are within GameSpin scope.