Stock update 02-2024

Gepubliceerd op 1 februari 2024 om 18:17

IN STOCK FIIIIIINALLYYYY!! Retro Fighters Hunter!! We had to wait a little bit, but now the long wait is over! Time to dust off that old XBOX and boot up a little Halo! "Hunt" those little grunts DOWN!

And yet another fine restocking.


What will be restocked:


NEW ! ! ! 

- Retro Fighters Hunter - Black

- Retro Fighters Hunter - Green


- BattlerGC - Purple

- BladeGC - Purple

- Brawler64 Wired V2 - Extreme Green

- Brawler64 Wireless Edition - Blue

- Retro Fighters Brawler64 NSO Edition - Gray

- Defender - Black

- Defender - Gray

- StrikerDC Wireless - Black

- StrikerDC Wireless - Blue

- StrikerDC Wireless - White


Frankie-Boy approves! As always: keep telling us what you want to see restocked.

Also, you can check our Retro Fighters page to see which Retro Fighters products are within GameSpin scope.