Stock update: During/After Heroes Comic Con

Gepubliceerd op 22 juni 2023 om 11:39

In the GameSpin welcoming blog we had written about limited stocking for Retro Fighters® gear. Due to the expected interest in their products, most of the Retro Fighters products are available for sale now. This does mean that certain products (per suppliers order) have a longer delivery time, on top of the regular delivery time. In general this means an additional two weeks of delivery time. We have earmarked each applicable product. When it states "Levertijd: 2 weken" then it means that it is a suppliers order.


When ordering from our direct stock the regular delivery as per the FAQ applies. Note: A combination order of stock and supplier means that the longest of delivery times will apply to your order. We ship orders as much as possible within one shipment.


GameSpin will take care of it and will make things right for you! Frankie-promise!