What a wonderful joy!! An XBOX controller that combines the modern with the classical. Like some fancy art project! Retro Fighters Hunter does it all! The old skool colors, the overall looks, but through a modern shape. This also applies to the its comfort, because the Hunter has very comfortable feel. Plus of course: wireless. FINALLY! And OMG Hall Effect sticks and triggers...sheesh...gettin' a little emotional here!


The original XBOX took itself very serious and for good reason. It was a very powerful console/computer, having some SERIOUS competition. “Damn Sony…*BALLS FIST*” Retro Fighters' Hunter therefore shows the necessary respect for its respective console with so much quality. And it shows in their development process. Rather having a delayed release, than having a half-assed controller that does not uphold the consoles reputation. No...the Hunter for that matter is sheer perfection!


  • Best new solution for XBOX controllers
  • Ergonomic and modern design
  • Top quality
  • Wireless, so no wire-hassle
  • No drift Hall Effect analog sticks
  • Hall Effect analog triggers for precision
  • Vibration feedback
  • Textured grips
  • Pressure sensitive buttons
  • Long battery life (10 hours)
  • Comfortable and accurate D-pad
  • Available in Black and Transparent Green
  • Matching color dongles
  • Compatible with original XBOX/Switch/PC



Retro Fighters has once again gone old skool in its color scheme for the Hunter. Hunter is available in the original colors Black and Transparent Green. Unfortunately you are only cool once you own both colors. “Scientific fact


Dongles in matching color

You receive NOT one, BUT two dongles, in matching colors. Dongle one has the recognizable XBOX port. Dongle two has a USB-port (for Switch and PC)



Hunter is compatible with the original XBOX through the XBOX-dongle. The USB-dongle is used to connect to the Switch and PC. .

NOTE: Hunter is not compatible with the Xbox 360 or current generation Xbox consoles.


Frankie Boy's advice: "The first thing you do is boot up Halo: Combat Evolved and play the actual bananas out it with your new Hunter. (I will find out if you didn’t) Then you do the same to Halo 2. Finally you deliver the kids to gramma "HAVE FUN!" and send off your significant other. Then you boot up that SWEET sweet GTA San Andreas. "IT’S TIIIIIME FOR AN OVERHAAAAUL!!" Let's show these in-game folks what you REALLY want to do with a gun and a the middle of the city!" Really…Frank? Dude…issues…