Brawler64 NSO Edition

The Brawler64 NSO (Nintendo Switch Online) Edition delivers a economic alternative to the original-terribly-available-N64-NSO-controller for the Switch. That was a real cock-up of Nintendo. Basically a production shut down, because people feared dissapointed sales numbers. Shows what they know, because there is actually a serious market demand!


  • Highest segment, better than the original!
  • Ergonomic, modern and recognizable design
  • Top quality
  • Wireless AND nog dongle
  • Dual vibration feedback
  • Long battery life (10 hours)
  • 3 colors: White, Blue, Gray and Gold
  • LED-indicator for player 1-4
  • Button layout interchangeability


Button layout

The new Brawler64 NSO controller gives you everything you need to play N64 games on NSO but, by one-button pressing the "swap" button, you can switch to the regular pro button layout (and of course back again to the N64 layout). CONVENIENT! On the Brawler64 NSO controller, the original turbo-related buttons have been replaced by the "minus" and "home" button. On top of the controller you can find the extra "share" and "swap" button.



The Brawler64 NSO is available in three colors: White (Switch native), Blue and Gray (tried and true). "Say arrow-to-the-knee, and you get three! Ha, cracked myself up!!" Settle down, Frank.

There is also a limited edition Golden version. Order fast!!


Frankie Boy's advice: "Am I going to say this for the third time!? OKKKKAAAY! Sheesh! The Mushroom Cup of Mario Kart 64 is ideal for getting acquainted with the Brawler 64. The hand placement is, in essence, not different from the original controller, and takes not much time getting used to. Left index finder on the Z-trigger, right index finger on the bumper, just like in the days of old. And this analog stick makes for super easy and precise sliding. White/Yellow/Orange and GOOOOOO-Go-Go Crazzzehh!!" Easy, Frank.