Pro NES Adapter

Connect your original (or third party) NES controller or accessories to your Wii, Wii U or the NES Classic Edition? You can do this using the Pro Nes Adapter of Retro Fighters.


  • For all your NES accessories
  • Plug 'n Play
  • 2 player support
  • Top quality
  • Works on Wii, Wii U and NES Classic Edition



You can simply connect by plugging in your favorite retro NES gaming hardware into the Pro Nes Adapter. Player 1 goes into NES1 port. Player 2 goes into the NES2 port. And the Pro Nes Adapter is plugged into your Wii remote, Wii U remote or the (Player 1/Player 2) console port of the Nes Classic Edition. Ready? Set? Go!


NOTE: With the NES Advantage Joystick, you must set your NES Advantage to Player 2 and plug it into either port NES 1 or NES 2 on the adapter.


    Compatible with?


    • Original NES controllers/joystick
    • Third party controllers/joysticks for the NES
    • Original NES accessories (incl. NES Advantage and Power Glove)
    • Third party accessoires for the NES



    • Wii
    • Wii U
    • NES Classic Edition