Brawler64 V2

The newest version of the wired Retro Fighters Brawler 64. Durable analog stick. Ergonomic and modern design, sits well in your hand(s). Patented wireless tech. Essential for the real collector.


  • Highest segment
  • Ergonomic and modern design
  • Top quality
  • 10-feet (3 meters) wire, so no need to sit on top of your Tv
  • Turbo functionality
  • Fantastically beautiful colours. From Gray to Extreme Green
  • Matching color dongle
  • Memory pack compatible
  • Rumble pack compatible



A selection of the available colors is an ode to the Funtastic Color Series. Those fun-colored see-through Nintendo 64. However, the original, in a decent or even mint condition, is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE and often difficult to obtain. Look no further: Retro Fighters supplies us with these.


Analog stick

The analog stick is more reactive, but in comparison to the original controller, super precise.


Since the original Brawler64 , there have been a few upgrades. BYE BYE L-trigger issue. (although we believe this was kind of a non-issue)


Frankie Boy's advice: "The Mushroom Cup of Mario Kart 64 is ideal for getting acquainted with the Brawler 64. The hand placement is, in essence, not different from the original controller, and takes not much time getting used to. Left index finder on the Z-trigger, right index finger on the bumper, just like in the days of old. And this analog stick makes for super easy and precise sliding. White/Yellow/Orange and GOOOOOO-Go-Go Crazzzehh!!" Serious, Frank! "I've tried being serious! All I could get was construction work. You know what a thrill it is to get a hernia at $62.50 a week?" Frank, you're stealing!