Warrior Wireless Adapter

With the Warrior Wireless Adapter you can wirelessly connect a whole lotta old controllers to your Switch (and through USB with the PC).


  • Wireless
  • Wii port for various Nintendo controllers
  • GameCube port for the GameCube controller
  • Top quality
  • Turbo functionaliteit
  • Screenshot functionality (Switch)
  • Works on Switch en PC
  • Wavebird compatible**
  • Requires 2 AA-batteries


Compatible how?

GC port:

  • GameCube controller
  • Wavebird controller**

Wii port:

  • Wii controllers
  • NES mini controller
  • SNES mini controller
  • Super Famicom mini controller

USB mini port:

  • Connect Warrior to the PC


  • Connect Warrior to the Switch


** Wavebird compatibility

TAKE GOOD NOTE: With the Warrior Wireless Adapter you can connect the Wavebird GameCube controller to the Switch. However it is not compatible with PC.