Blockbuster VHS Switch Game Case

Remember? In the 80's and 90's. Friday afternoon. School's out. Pocket money unspent. Onwards to BLOCKBUSTER! with your buddy. To rent a video. And watch the actual crapperoni out of the same movie...6 times. BUT!! Please remember to rewind! Plus...return before 7pm on Sunday! Or you would be fined AND reprimanded! Aw...sheesh...are we that old!?


Renting VHS video cassettes is practically impossible these days. However, it is possible to sniff up (easy Frank) the days of old through the new Blockbuster VHS Switch Game Case from Retro Fighters. With this Blockbuster VHS video cassette styled game case you can store your Switch games in a nostalgic way. Much more convenient than all of those game boxes in your backpack or bag. Plus it provides that old Blockbuster-feeling, when you see that cartridge holder for storing your Switch games. Plus the video cassette is placed in of them generic and old video cassette cases from Blockbusters. Awesome!


Blockbuster is the U.S. equivalent for any of your local video store in 'Ye Olde Days'.


  • Nostalgic
  • Stylish
  • De video cassette can hold up to 12 game cartridges
  • AND 4 memory cards
  • For storing your Switch games
  • For Switch game showcasing or transporting your Switch games



The Blockbuster VHS Switch Game Case is a replica of the VHS video cassette, containing the old skool request: "Please remember to rewind" on the side. Packed in the usual generic case, as it was done in the video stores. How cool is that!?


Cartridge holder

You can store up to 12 switch game cartridges and 4 memory cards into the Blockbuster VHS Switch Game Case. That not only means you can easily store 12 Switch games and 4 memory cards in a nostalgic way. It also means you can easily transport the same amount of games to a couple of buddies. Pretty cool to get there and showcase not only your games, but also those awesome Blockbuster VHS Switch Game Case!