Play comfortably and ergonomically. Check. Super Smash Bros. Check. Switch. Check. All right...drop it... The Duelist is especially made for Super Smash Bros. For good reason: This franchise has had a mega-following since...gosh we're getting old! But Duelist can also be used to play normal games on the Switch.


  • Great Switch controller
  • Optimized for Smash Bros on the Switch
  • Ergonomic and modern design
  • Top quality
  • Wireless, so no wire-hassle
  • Vibration feedback
  • Long battery life (10 hours)
  • Available in two beautiful colors (reminiscent of the GameCube)
  • LED-indicator for player 1-4
  • Works on Switch and PC



The Duelist is available in two O.G. GameCube colors: the original (Indigo) Purple and Black. Doubts...? Both! Yes!


Special "S" button

See Frankie Boy's advice. Otherwise he'll become upset again.



With the Duelist, you'll be playing comfortably on the Switch and PC. And keep in mind: Although the controller was made with Smash Bros in the mind, you can also play "regular" Switch games with it. And once you realize that: This controller is dirt cheap.


Frankie Boy's advice: "Performing your Smash attack or Short hop attack, the Duelist has a special "S" button, specially added for Smash Bros. Normally this would require button-combo's, when using a "regular" controller. And you can switch between these two attacks using the "Fist-button" in the middle of the Duelist. This makes the Duelist a very efficient controller for fighting! Don't tell your buddies, this way you can punish them with SSB for life! WE COULD LIVE LIKE KINGS!!!" Ok, that's enough, Frank.