The StrikerDC just screams nostalgia. Remember those lines at stores to be able to purchasing the Dreamcast on release date? And those freaky...and all of those accessories. Obviously there was a logic behind all of this and nowadays Nintendo still makes thankful use of these ideas in the form of the Switch (and its predecessors Wii/Wii U). A display WITHIN your controller. Accessories specifically for certain games (eg. Bass Fishing) and of course (rudimentary) motion sense.


Anywho, at present, the Dreamcast is an enigma, as is its controller. Retro Fighters facilitates us with AND availibility AND modern and improved design and ergonomics. Enter the StrikerDC. The only (and correct) one on the market available. Compatible with all first party accessories of dem days of old, and most third party accessories. Modernization and ergonomics was a MOST necessary change for the original oversized controller. Sweet pet. Caress it every now and then.


  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • The only (and correct) new solution on the market for Dreamcast
  • Nice 10-feet (3 meters) wire, so no need to sit on top of your Tv
  • Compatible with all first party accessories, VMU, rumble pack, mic (most third party)
  • Wire comes from the top instead of the bottom of the controller


Compatibility with accessoires

The StrikerDC is compatible with VMUs, Vibration Packs, 4X Memory Cards and the Microphone. Note that not all 3rd-party accessories are compatible with met de StrikerDC.


Wire from the top

Thankfully and logically, the wire comes from the top of the StrikerDC and not the bottom. Who thought of that brilliant design flaw?



Originally the StrikerDC came out in classic Gray. Later Retro Fighters added Blue, Green, Red and Black to the mix. But those colors sold out in no-time. This means only Gray is currently available. We will keep close track of this for you folks.


Frankie Boy's advice: "This one is gonna be easy: Crazy Taxi is a NO-BRAINER to get acquainted with StrikerDC. Wooh! The! And of course you need to 100% tray that good old Bass Fishing spelen...what a joy!  Oh and uh: the one who came up with that wire-bottom-thingy was a seasoned alcoholic! He has a tag around his neck. It says: Don't give this man insulin, he's a drunk! Frank, this is not true and also stolen.