BrawlerGen USB

The BrawlerGen USB is a can-do-many controller. And with an amazingly lucrative price tag. Originally brought out with the SEGA Megadrive-/Genesis-mini in the mind, the BrawlerGen USB adds modern ergonomics and 6-button layout to the mix. MORE buttons, MORE fun. Just by looking at the controller, you really sense the SEGA-feels oozing from it. And that D-pad... It really brings you back. Just as the mini was supposed to do. A retro feeling.


  • Ergonomic and modern design
  • Top quality
  • Nice 10-feet (3 meters) wire, so no need to sit on top of your Tv
  • Works on Megadrive/Genesis mini, Switch, PC and Mac
  • 6 buttongs (instead of 3) and shoulder buttons
  • Button Macro's possible



BrawlerGen USB is currently only available in Black. Fingers crossed for any other colors. We will keep close track for you..



BrawlerGen USB is compatible with:

  • Megadrive/Genesis mini
  • Switch
  • PC and Mac



To activate Macro's, you need to press the below button-combo's for 5 seconds:


Change mode from X-input to D-input (PC Only)



Mode Button + Start

D-Pad RIGHT + Start

D-Pad UP + Start

D-Pad DOWN + Start




Frankie Boy's advice: "If you are a mini-owner, then you know that the out-of-box controller only has the 3-button configuration. Playing Street Fighter (or any other fighter) feels lacking. You simply require that BrawlerGen USB 6-button layout. And if you want to experience dem old feels, then use the BrawlerGen whilst playing Sonic. You know, part 1, or 2...or 3. Do it. Do it. Do it. Seriously, do it!" Frank, you are stealing again.